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El Beso Cigars is a flourishing family-owned and operated cigar company that was established in 1997. The tradition of hand rolling cigars was passed down to our founder and Master Tobacconist, Gloria Gomez through the matriarchal line of our family. Her passion for crafting high quality cigars can be traced back three generations and began over a century ago in the 1800s in Nicaragua.

Gloria named her cigar shop “El Beso” which translates to “The Kiss” to reflect the poetic relationship between a cigar and their smoker. The reverence for tobacco originated from the indigenous kingdoms that ruled in the Americas, and to this day we source our tobacco from these same regions.

For over 20 years Gloria built El Beso Cigars into the small-batch tobacco factory it is today, passing down her knowledge and secret family blends to the next generation of cigar rollers. The memory of Gloria lives on in the passion and attention to detail that goes into our unique cigars, from the Aromatic to Maduro her legacy and art is alive and well. Our attention to craftsmanship, blend and taste is what sets apart El Beso Cigars from other cigar makers.


Like any Art, a cigar’s blend begins with the imagination. But imagination is only a part of the process; the choice of Tobacco leaves is by far the most important. After all poor tobacco quality, regardless of the amount of time allowed to age, will inherently lead to poor taste and enjoyment. So consideration of origin and grade of the tobacco leaf is central.

Once the determination has been made on what tobacco leaves will be used, imagination and experience become the second most important thing in the process. Because in cigar blending, there is an element of the unknown or what I like to refer to as “the ratio-to-hope correlative” which simply translates to “I hope this ratio works”. All kidding aside, the difficulty and challenge is in orchestrating the different facets of a single cigar in order to create a pleasant taste and enjoyment.

The reason for this is because different combinations and ratios of the Seco or “mild leaf” in relation to the Ligero or “stronger leaf,” as well as the wrapper and binder do determine the strength and flavor of any cigar. For example, I’d like to make a medium-body-cigar. The ratio of the Ligero will be greater than that of the Seco and vice versa. This doesn’t sound so tough, right? However, just because you have a ratio does not mean that it will apply to all of the sizes of a particular line equally. The ratio then has to be adjusted to a cigar’s ring size, in other words, using the same ratio for a corona size cigar as opposed to that of a Churchill size cigar might in the end leave the cigar smoker wishing for more flavor in the larger cigar.

In today’s market, cigar smokers have an abundance of choice. For a Master Tobacconist the countries of origin from which she can blend is just as diverse. The nuances that a filler, binder and wrapper create together is where the true artistry emerges. To borrow from Shakespeare, “to blend or not to blend” that is the question El Beso Cigars looks to answer. We approach each of our blends with boldness and imagination. We invite you to experience our cigars today and savor the attention to detail and creativity that goes into each of our hand crafted smokes.